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Why a Digital Time Capsule Must Be Part of Your Wedding

A Time Machine for Your Wedding

Imagine celebrating a future anniversary by opening your digital wedding time capsule and reliving all your meaningful and precious wedding moments… exactly as they were captured. Moments you clearly remember, moments that are just a blur, and even some moments, uploaded by friends and family, that you get to experience for the first time.

Everyone Contributes Directly

No need to spend lots of time collecting stuff like the old school scrapbook days. Purchase your digital wedding time capsule and crowdsource your wedding memories. You, your wedding guests, and even those who couldn’t make it to your celebration, can all upload pictures, videos, and personal notes directly.

Memories Stored Safely and Securely

Special once-in-a-lifetime wedding moments that you can never get back if you lose them.  Pictures, videos, personal notes, and important documents.  All safely and securely stored in your digital time capsule for the ages without worry of being misplaced, damaged, or destroyed.

Priceless Addition, Amazing Value

At only $85, a love + laughter + community digital time capsule will be one of the smallest investments for your wedding while making a big impact in the years to come. An easy-to-use solution for collecting and storing all of your extraordinary wedding moments for a future date of your choosing.  And it even makes an incredible and unique wedding gift!

Get or Gift a Time Capsule

How does it work?

Surprisingly Simple for Everyone
The digital time capsule is purchased by the couple, or for them as a unique gift, and the couple is sent instructions and a personal capsule code.
The couple - and those they share the code with - can easily upload pictures, videos, documents, and notes directly into the capsule.
The digital time capsule is sealed 30 days after the wedding and then safely stored until a special future day of the couple’s choosing.
On that day, perhaps a 5th anniversary, the capsule is automatically unsealed and all the stored wedding memories are relived by the couple.
Easier and Better Then Trying to Do It All Yourself
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Why Love + Laughter + Community?

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The Initial Buzz

“Such a great idea – there is an overwhelming amount of information, pictures, videos, social media posts, etc. shared during a wedding weekend so having a secure place to house it all is nice.” – Trisha & Evan

“I think this is a really great idea! It would allow the couple to see the little things that maybe they would’ve missed otherwise.” – Jackie

“As a Wedding Planner, I am constantly exposed to new ideas and products geared at making brides and grooms lives easier, or simply preserving this exciting time in their lives. This does both of these things and more.  I have yet to come across a product that I am more excited about recommending to my couples.” – Courtney, After the Engagement

“Super cool idea….. I like it!!!!:)))” – Anh

“This is a great idea, I wish it’d been around when we were married!!” – Brittany & Miguel

“My wife and I are so excited to open the time capsule on our 1 year anniversary and see how many wonderful surprises and memories we’ll be able to relive and experience. What an awesome way to contribute to our first year anniversary! Can’t wait to see our wedding from the perspective of our friends and family.” – Maria

Get a capsule for your wedding, or as a unique gift for that special couple – $85.

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