3 Questions When it Comes to a Unique Wedding Gift

//3 Questions When it Comes to a Unique Wedding Gift

3 Questions When it Comes to a Unique Wedding Gift

When designing and launching love + laughter + community, we knew that the gift of wedding memories would make a great future experience for a couple.  A personal wedding gift that a couple could buy for themselves or a unique and meaningful wedding gift someone could buy for the couple.   Of course, if a couple is buying the digital wedding time capsule for themselves, nothing to discuss here.  But what about purchasing a time capsule or something else that is new and unique as a wedding gift.

Having celebrated the wedding day with over 900 couples, and their communities, we think that a wedding gift giving starts with these 3 questions –

  1. How well do you know the couple getting married? This is the how long have known one, or both of them, and how close you are.
  2. How well do you know their personalities? This is more than knowing one of them for a long time. This is knowing who they are, and what they are like as a couple since the gift is for both of them.
  3. And, what is your personality? This you should know 😊

Let’s begin to explore the above 3 questions and in regards to a gift on the wedding registry.  Although there are many differences between the current generations getting married, and past generations, wedding registries are still something that most couples have.  This is somewhat due to tradition and somewhat due to wedding registry options expanding, and changing, to more reflect what millennials and Gen Z couples want.

Couples who are younger and just starting a life together usually have the more standard wedding registry with options of the household goods necessary and/or wanted when building a household together.  The usual items of pots, sheets, glass sets, etc. are not only perfectly ok wedding gift options but they are easy for friends and family to pick and buy off a registry.  These more standard wedding registry choices are also sometimes setup by older couples, or couples who have lived together for a while.  In those cases, it is usually so the couple can get specific items they would like, but don’t yet have, or as upgrades or replacement for things already in their home.   Although not overly “personal” to buy for them, still an acceptable choice (especially if you are not that close to the couple).

And although plenty of couples will have the more standard wedding registry and wedding gift options, many, including younger couples are having wedding registries that reflect the millennial and especially Gen Z idea of living for experiences over things.   Because of this, there are now wedding registry sites where, within one registry site, the couple can list experiences they want, items for their home, and even collect money for their honeymoon or house purchase.

So, with many more, and different wedding gift options to choose from on a wedding registry and, for those couples who don’t even have a registry, here is how to best apply the 3 questions.

1- How well you know the couple? If you don’t know the couple, stick to whatever is on the wedding registry if there is one.  You can apply your personality to the choice but don’t deviate from the options the couple has pre-selected.  If the couple doesn’t have a registry, it opens things up a bit but try to find out a bit more about the couple.  For example, if you find out they are going to do an Artic adventure for their honeymoon, maybe a gift certificate to a specific outdoor apparel store would be good.

If you know the couple, still very acceptable to pick off the wedding registry, choosing a gift that reflects your personality.  If you know the couple well, or really well, it is ok to explore options outside the wedding registry but remember not go too far off, and make sure it is something they can return.  We all know from experience the getting a wedding gift that we set aside with the specific purpose of re-gifting is not good.

2- What is the couple’s personality? As mentioned above, the better you know the couple, the easier it is to pick from a huge registry or get the couple a unique wedding gift that is not on their registry (or something if they don’t have a registry).

3- What is your personality? This is the couple’s wedding so does your personality really matter when it comes to a wedding gift?   Well, it kind of does… and it matters more the closer you are to the couple.  If you know the couple really well, or have a special connection with them, they want a gift that reflects your personality, while fitting them.  They liked you enough to invite you to their wedding.  Still doesn’t mean to that you have to go completely off registry but does allow for the purchase of something more unique as a wedding gift.

Me personally, I never want to buy them pots, or pans, or sheets, or anything else so boring… yet, I always ask myself the 3 questions and then pick my gift.   And of course, if you are looking for a new and unique wedding gift.  A gift that will give the couple the wonderful future experience of reliving their wedding love and laughter all over again, learn more about our digital wedding time capsule here.

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