4 Reasons to Think Now About the Future Gift of Wedding Memories

//4 Reasons to Think Now About the Future Gift of Wedding Memories

4 Reasons to Think Now About the Future Gift of Wedding Memories

Your wedding may be just days away, or it could be many, many months away, or maybe it is in the somewhere in between.   Yet, no matter how far off, we know that with all the time and effort required to craft a perfectly you wedding, there isn’t much time to think about what to do with all those once-in-a-lifetime memories that will be created around and on your special day.  Sure, maybe you are already planning a guest book and a hashtag.  Or maybe you are thinking about a wine box or putting together a scrapbook after the wedding. Unfortunately, those solutions are a bit old school and/or limited.

Having celebrated over 900 wonderful couples on their wedding days, I can say with confidence that below are 4 really good reasons to do a little pre-planning when it comes to your wedding memories.

    1. A perfectly you wedding takes a lot of time and can cost a lot of money.
    2. So many of your personal friends and family be celebrating together.
    3. Your entire wedding celebration will fly by.
    4. You can only be in one place at a time.

I am sure none of the above revelations to you but when it comes to saving your wedding memories, they really illustrate the need to carve out a little time for planning.  And here is why in a bit more detail.

Takes time and costs a lot of money.   Let’s be honest, your wedding will probably be one of the biggest and most expensive parties you will every throw.  You will spend many months planning every detail, and in the process spend a few dollars on those details (or more than a few dollars).  So, you will probably want to be able to relive as much of what you planned and paid for as possible, for as many years as possible.   Yes, I know, you will have the pics from your photographer and some pics and video from your community.  But, without a way to make it easy to collect and store all those captured memories, and so much more, most couples only end up with those specific pictures.

All your friends and family celebrating in one place.   Weddings are where some of the best and biggest family and community memories are made.  With so many of your closest family and friends together, there are bound to be some incredible moments, and many of those moments will be captured.  It could be grandma showing off her dance moves, dad shedding tears of joy, or a group of your friends on the dance floor lip synching your favorite song.   Those genuine, unplanned wedding moments are the ones that will bring so much joy for years to come.

Your entire wedding celebration will fly by.  Someone, or many someone’s, may have told you this already and if they haven’t, they will.  The thing is, they are right.  There is so much that will be going on and so much emotion around everything going on that it will seem like the entire wedding celebration flew by.  Which means that many things you will experience on your wedding day will seem like a blur.    Unless you have a photographic memory, there is no way, no matter how hard you try, you will remember all the love and laughter moments that happen.  So, the better your plan to capture and save those moments, the more genuine wedding memories you will have to relive in the future.

You can only be in one place at a time.  In addition to the moments you will experience flying by, there will be so many moments that you won’t be able to experience because there is only one of you while you will have many friends and family celebrating with you at your wedding.   Your photographer may capture some of those moments, but their focus will be on you, as it should be.  Which means that many of those fun and genuine wedding moments will be captured by friends and family.  And without some pre-planning to make sure you get as many of those wedding memories as possible, most will never get to you in a way that can be relived for many years to come.

Of course, taking the time to plan the how and what of saving your wedding memories, on top of actual implementation of the plan, may not be possible because of limited time.  Which is why we created love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsules.  The time capsule does almost all the work for you and offers the option for some wonderful surprises including messages and memories added by your community.  These special additions are ones you will get to experience for the first time when opening your time capsule… a future gift to you, the gift of more wedding memories.  To learn more about a digital time capsule, click here.

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