4 Reasons Why – A Digital Wedding Time Capsule

//4 Reasons Why – A Digital Wedding Time Capsule

4 Reasons Why – A Digital Wedding Time Capsule

In our work as wedding officiants, we have helped over 900 wonderful couples create more than a few precious once-in-a-lifetime wedding memories.  Yet, we often end up with a bit of sadness seeing how little thought, or very last-minute effort, is given to collecting and saving all the precious wedding memories that are captured.  We do completely understand the amount of time that goes into planning a wedding, and we also know that before the big day, it is tough to set aside time to start planning and saving wedding memories.  This was one of the many reasons we created the love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule… but more on that later.

What we tended to see is that most, if not all, of the captured wedding moments a couple does collect and save for the long term are the pictures their photographer sends and the few videos from their videographer (if they hired one). Don’t get me wrong, those are definitely some perfect wedding memories to keep but there is so much more that could be collected and saved.   That more includes all the wedding related love and laughter captured by community… friends and family… those who can make it to the wedding and even from those that can’t.   And those genuine wedding moments captured by community cover more than just the wedding day, they cover the entire wedding story… from proposal through the big day.   Which is a perfect segue into the first reason of why a digital wedding time capsule.

1) So much is captured by friends and family – Over the past 15 to 20 years, technology has advanced to the point where pretty much everyone at the wedding has a decent camera in their pocket. Add between wanting to help and wanting to be the one to take that special shot, guests at a wedding capture a large number of wedding moments, and sometimes even capture certain moments in a more genuine way than the wedding photographer and videographer.

Of course, friends and family will also take a lot of blurry, imperfect, or not interesting pics and video.  So, how to easily collect those genuine wedding moments captured by community while not having to look through 50 blurry pics of the dance floor.  The love + laughter + community digital time capsule does this by offering the couple and their guests easy to use web pages for uploading while at the same time limiting the number of pictures and/or videos that can be uploaded at one time… making sure the wedding memories that are uploaded are the best ones.

2) Life and wedding planning take a lot of time – We know how much time goes into planning a wedding and know that once you add in normal life, not much time for anything else. Most couples we talked with admitted that they were not giving much thought to collecting and saving their wedding memories until after their wedding.   The problem with this is that after the wedding, there is newly wedded bliss with its corresponding relaxation (either a honeymoon or maybe even just a couple days off), followed by normal, busy life taking back over.

Add in the fact that the couple is seeing many of their wedding moments being shared on social media and there tends to be a lack of immediacy to saving wedding memories.  Which is why a love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule is open from the time of purchase until 30 days after the wedding… giving the couple, and their community, the ability to easily upload captured wedding memories soon after they happen.   The digital wedding time capsule system also sends out helpful reminders both before and after the wedding since there are so many other things going on.

3) Reliving wedding memories is a great gift especially with sweet surprises – A wedding is a very important day to a couple, and to their community. It is the day the couple commits to each other for a lifetime.  It is one of the most special, if not the biggest, party they will throw.  It is a time when many of their closest friends and family are together to celebrate.   Thus, the ability to in the future relive the wedding celebration moments that are created, is a gift.

And since a gift should be a good mixture of expected, and wonderful surprise, a love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule holds not only the wedding moments uploaded by the couple but also the moments uploaded by the wedding guests.  Some which might have been seen by, or shared with, the couple at the time of their wedding while others in the time capsule will be experienced by the couple when they open and download their capsule for the first time.  The digital time capsule even has a message feature so community can add messages of love, advice, and probably some humor, into the capsule.

4) No couple should worry about losing saved wedding memories – We have heard the stories. A wedding scrapbook completely destroyed in a flood.  A hard drive containing wedding pictures crashed, and it can’t be recovered.   A wine box with guest messages lost in a move.  Although some things are beyond anyone’s control, the love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule uses an easy and secure upload process and stores every precious wedding memory safely, with multiple redundancies, using Amazon Web Services.

If your wedding memories are going to matter to you, we recommend you take at least a little time before your wedding to come up with a way to collect and save your memories.  And if reliving your wedding memories will feel like opening a gift to you, we think that at only $85, a love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule is the way to go.  Learn more here.

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