5 Tips on Saving Your Wedding Memories

//5 Tips on Saving Your Wedding Memories

5 Tips on Saving Your Wedding Memories

The original concept of a time capsule was when a community of people contributed relevant and memorable items into some sort of container (e.g. a box). The container was then sealed and stored until a specific future date. On that future date someone, or multiple someone’s, unsealed the capsule and enjoyed all the items inside. In addition to being able to re-experience items that they may have seen in the past, the someone’s opening the capsule also got to experience some items and memories they had never seen before… fun surprises added by others from the community.

So now let’s look at the love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule. A new and modern take on the original time capsule concept, specifically designed for your wedding. Remember, the time capsule idea is meant to be different, and in many ways better, then some other ways your wedding memories are saved and seen (e.g. shared on social media or stored on a hard drive). And although there are multiple differences, the two major ones are –

a) You are storing these specific captured wedding moments for a longer term, without planning to look at them since the time capsule is sealed. Obviously, you can open your time capsule at any time but the concept is to store them for at least a year and most of our couples store them for 3 to 5 years.

b) You want your digital time capsule to contain some fun and loving moments that you did not see originally. These moments were captured by your friends and family and added directly to the capsule by them. There will be no lack of wedding memories to enjoy in the days, weeks and even months after your wedding so these are not necessary to see immediately, and having them in there makes opening your capsule even more special and unique. A gift to you on that special day when you open your time capsule.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, ok, sounds good but what about the 5 tips on saving my wedding memories you mentioned. Well, it is actually a perfect segue since it is not only the how you are saving your precious wedding memories but the where and the what. Which leads into the first tip.

  1. Figure out what is important to you and/or what you feel will be important to relive. As an example, I definitely know many people who, when creating a wedding scrapbook, put in a copy of their wedding invitation and a copy of their wedding program. Are those something you find important or will find important to see again in the future? Remembering that you will have a large number of wedding pieces and captured moments to choose from, is it necessary to save them all? The what and how much is a question only you can answer.
  2. Try to gather all your wedding memories into as few places as possible. I was actually going to say that you should try to gather everything into one place but that may not be possible, based on number 1 above… the what you are saving. My recommendation is to gather as much as you can digitally. This includes pictures and videos but also should include documents such as your invitation and a copy of your ceremony. Scan if necessary or ask the vendor for a digital copy. Even if you end up keeping physical copies as well, always good to have back-ups.
  3. Store your wedding memories in a safe place. I know this sounds like pretty obvious advice but I am amazed at how many times I hear of people who only had wedding pictures and videos on their computer, and then their computer hard drive crashed and everything was lost. Or they have everything just thrown in a box and that box got destroyed in a flood. Yes, I know there is no way to guarantee your wedding memories won’t get lost or destroyed but there are steps you can take to minimize the chances. BTW – a love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule was designed from the very beginning to be safe place to store pictures, videos, documents, and more.
  4. If you do have your wedding memories in multiple places, use those multiple places as back up to each other. This covers you somewhat if there should be an issue with a hard drive or some sort of physical storage. For example, you could have your wedding invitation in digital form and in physical form. If the digital copy gets lost, you can scan the physical copy and if the physical copy gets destroyed, can always print it out again from the digital copy.
  5. Start collecting and storing your wedding memories as soon as possible. I recommend you figure out where you want to store them and start gathering them as soon after they happen as possible. And yes, I am referring to even before your wedding. Your wedding is the big day and it is when a bulk of your most memorable wedding moments will happen but your wedding story started the day he or she proposed and you said yes. There are bound to be more than a few wonderful moments captured in the time between your proposal and your wedding and all are part of your wedding story that you may want to relive in the future.

We created love + laughter + community with all the above in mind, and a couple bonus features. The digital wedding time capsule is a perfect place to store meaningful wedding pictures, videos, and documents, knowing that they are safely stored with multiple back-ups. The bonus is that your community can upload directly to the capsule, thus making your part easier and giving you more memories to relive. And, your love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule even comes with a notes feature which allows your guests to add personal messages that you read when you open your capsule… all wonderful surprises for you.

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