8 Options for Saving Wedding Memories

//8 Options for Saving Wedding Memories

8 Options for Saving Wedding Memories

Your wedding hasn’t happened yet and thus your focus right now is on having an amazing wedding day.  Which means you are most likely spending a lot of time, and money, making sure your wedding day will be an incredible and meaningful day for you, and for your friends and family.   It will be one of the biggest and most special events you will throw.  So, the question is, do you want to experience only some of it, and only once?

Combine a large group of your closest friends and family with one of the biggest single moments in your life, your wedding, and some incredible, once-in-a-lifetime moments are definitely going to happen.  Some will be planned as part of the wedding day, for example, your first kiss, and some will be genuine and spontaneous, for example, your grandma and your nieces/nephews all dancing together.   We know from years of experience, your wedding day will fly by and with so much going on in such a short time frame, you can only personally experience a small part of it.   With so many moments of love and laughter happening in a single day, and some of them being missed by the couple, most couples want to preserve their wedding memories so they can be experienced, enjoyed, and relived for many years to come.

In the over 900 weddings I have been a part of, I have seen many ways couples used to collect and save their wedding memories, and more importantly, how well those ways work.   Below are the most common ones and the newest one, a love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule, which we specifically developed to make the process of collecting and storing wedding memories easier while at the same time providing the option for some fun and loving surprises to be added by friends and family.

  • Social Media – Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and others are the perfect place to see captured wedding moments in the days and even weeks after your wedding. However, because you don’t “own” anything on social media and platforms change policy and functionality whenever they want to, not recommended as long-term wedding memory storage.  In addition, some platforms have no option for downloading and on others, the downloads are of low quality.
  • Hashtags – I did want to separate this from the general Social Media option since many couples getting married are using a specific hashtag. The idea of a hashtag is a good idea, however, the implementation by most couples, and the use of it by guests, is not so good.  In any wedding I officiate in which there is a hashtag, I make sure to use it when I share the few pics I take.  I also like to check what other pictures have been shared and often see two main issues.  One, many couples use a hashtag that has been used before putting their wedding photos and videos among many others when searching.  Second, believe it or not, few guests actually use the hashtag so not much ends up there.
  • Picture Share – There are multiple options for picture share services and these are a good option for a community to share their pictures of the wedding. The downsides to picture share services are that they almost always require the couple to give a list of guests to the company and guests will then be required to download the company’s app.  In addition, the option to upload wedding pics and video to the share is usually limited to a few days around the wedding (not much time) and the couple must download what is in the share within 6 months (not long-term storage).  And, from my experience, although there will definitely be some beautiful and meaningful wedding memories, there will also be lots of blurry photos of things like the cake, or the market lights, or grandma’s back.
  • Guestbook – These are still a great since you will end up with some fun and loving messages. The downside to a wedding guestbook is that they are something physical you need to store.  Something that could get lost or destroyed.
  • Wine Box or Similar – A few couples are using these similar to a guestbook. The wine box will be set out somewhere at the wedding.  It will have a slot in it and guests are encouraged to write a note to the couple and slide the note into the wine box for the couple to read on a future date when they open the wine box.  Similar to the guestbook, this option is a physical item, something that could get lost or destroyed.
  • Scrapbook – I haven’t seen as many wedding scrapbooks recently but there definitely still are couples who are creating them. Scrapbooks are a good option in that you can pick and choose what is added.  Wedding scrapbooks usually include pictures, documents and other memorabilia like a sample of the gift that was given to wedding guests.   The downsides to a scrapbook are that they are physical (can get lost or destroyed), the couple has to collect everything themselves and create the scrapbook, and everything in the scrapbook needs to a physical item (e.g. no videos).
  • Hard Drive or Shared Drive – This option is used by many couples especially for storing the pictures and video they receive from the wedding photographer and videographer they hired. Can also add pictures and videos collected from wedding guests.  The good thing about this option is that whatever is kept is easily accessible at any time.  The downsides are that if not properly backed up, a hard drive could crash and all those wedding memories are lost.  Shared drives are usually free (if you are below a certain size) and backed up but there is still a risk of service failing, or deciding to charge you.  And similar to a scrapbook, the couple has to do all the work of collecting and organizing all the wedding memories they want to save.
  • Digital Time Capsule – After having seen all the options, and how they are being used by today’s couple, we felt that something was missing. A modern option, built on a fun tradition of the past.  And thus, we created the love + laughter + community digital time capsule.   We went digital since almost all your wedding memories are captured either as a document, or as pictures and videos files.  Easy to use for the couple and their community, with no App required.  And, all your precious wedding memories are stored safely with multiple back-ups.    The downsides… well, it costs a few bucks (although at $85 it is a great value) and, because it is a sealed time capsule, you will pick a day when you want to open and download it (not always open).

We hope that you give the love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule a look and even if you don’t get one, make sure to properly save at least some of your wedding memories… we know those who didn’t and they regret it.

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