A Ton of Wedding Memories, Oh Yeah!

//A Ton of Wedding Memories, Oh Yeah!

A Ton of Wedding Memories, Oh Yeah!

With today’s mobile devices, everyone has an easy to use and reasonably good quality camera and video recorder at their finger-tips. No need to leave cameras on the tables at your wedding so that your community can capture special moments for you; no need to rely only on the images and video captured by your wedding photographer and videographer; and no need to worry about certain spontaneous memories not being captured.

Having celebrated over 900 couples, I know from personal experience that the volume of wedding memories that are captured these days during a wedding is quite large. Even if the couple asks for the ceremony to be un-plugged, you will still see plenty of phones being used. I also know that for some couples, the amount of captured memories can even seem overwhelming, especially when you include all the moments captured leading up to the wedding. There are the “wedding scrapbook” items, like a copy of the invitation and the program, a copy of the wedding ceremony, personal notes from those that couldn’t attend, etc. in addition to pictures and video taken during the proposal, the bridal shower, while dress/suit shopping, attending a wedding show with friends and family, and so many more.

Which leads to the question, what do you want to do with all those captured wedding celebration memories? Which ones to enjoy now? And, which ones to save long term (and how to save those memories safely)? Like everything else in your wedding, it comes down to priorities. We know that unless you specifically request your guests not to, there will be pictures and videos shared very quickly on social media… I mean how many weddings don’t have a hashtag? For some, the what is shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., allows reliving moments very quickly, and the photos/video they receive from their wedding vendors will satisfy the requirements for long-term memories. For others, they know they will want to relive much more down the road and that more should include the memories from the lead up to the wedding, spontaneous moments captured during the wedding, and the photos and videos from the hired wedding pro’s.

In the past, memories have been kept in physical forms – a wedding scrapbook, a wooden chest, a metal time capsule, a wine box, a photo album, or some other form. And for some couples, they still want to do that today… nothing wrong with it. The downsides to keeping your wedding memories in physical form are first, the need for you to collect all the memories and second, your memories don’t have back up (or maybe not an easy back up). Making sure your memories are safe and secure when there is only a single physical object can be a little risky – lost in a move, destroyed in flood or fire, misplaced and thrown out.

This amount of work you need to do and the risk to your memories is what led us to create love + laughter + community. With many moments being captured digitally, keeping your precious wedding memories in digital form as the main way you are storing them, or as a back-up to the physical version you created is a great solution. Your wedding story is worth reliving!

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