A Wedding Gift for the Couple who has Everything

//A Wedding Gift for the Couple who has Everything

A Wedding Gift for the Couple who has Everything

With many couples being older when initially getting married, and plenty of couples who are getting married for a second or third time, wedding gift options are a changing.   Quite a large percentage of engaged couples are already living together and thus they have most, if not all, the household items that used to wedding registry necessities.  This of course has its upsides and downsides.

The major downside is that it isn’t always easy to decide/pick what wedding gift you should get today’s couple.   In the past you would be pointed to their wedding registry, you would take a quick look at what was there, and then you would pick based on what hadn’t been purchased and was in the range you wanted to spend.  A few minutes time and their wedding gift was chosen and purchased.  However, for those of us who hate giving something as “boring” as a set of bath towels, today’s wedding gift purchasing has an upside.   Even when a couple has a wedding gift registry, it usually has more exciting and interesting wedding gift options included with the more standard registry items.  And, it is now a bit more acceptable to give the couple a wedding gift that is not from their registry.

Of course, the advice I gave in a previous blog post still stands.  Before deciding to buy something outside of the couple’s wedding registry, honestly evaluate how well you know the couple.  By this I mean, do you know them well enough to feel comfortable that what you are buying them for a wedding gift is something that they are going to enjoy and/or use.   And, remember, the wedding gift should be something that is for them as a couple, not something chosen based on your specific knowledge of only the bride or the groom.

A wedding gift should be something the couple will find useful and/or something that they can enjoy as a couple.  Which is why, when creating the love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule, we designed it from the beginning as a wedding gift.  A gift that the couple can buy for themselves or that a friend or family member can buy for the couple.  The idea of a couple being able to more easily collect and relive so many wedding moments of love and laughter, and experience some special ones contributed by their community makes for an incredible gift.  A wedding gift that is given and initially used before the wedding with the specialness and big surprise of the gift coming when the couple opens and experiences their capsule full of wedding memories, on a future day of their choosing.

Personally, I am a little jealous of the wonderful and fun wedding gift options that are available these days.  And with the advent of wedding registry sites that combine some of the more standard wanted gift items, with the different and unique, a couple can set up one registry that includes a very varied set of wedding gift choices.  It is a great time to be alive and in this respective (and of course many others), a great time to get married!

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