A Wedding Time Capsule – The Why and What

//A Wedding Time Capsule – The Why and What

A Wedding Time Capsule – The Why and What

As you may already know, the basic concept of a time capsule is that a community of people contribute a bunch of fun, unique, and genuine items.  These items are meant to bring joy, smiles, and the feeling of love and amazement to specific people on some date in the future.   Most of the time capsules are basically physical boxes or containers that are sealed after the collected items are put inside.  The time capsule is then stored, hopefully somewhere safe, for a longish period of time (usually at least a few years).   Finally, on some future date, usually a memorable or meaningful one such as an anniversary, the time capsule is opened and all the love, laughter, and fun inside is relived.

Even though time capsules have been around for a long time, the idea is still such a unique and memorable gift to give to the people who get to open the capsule.   Being able to experience memories and moments, some that were forgotten, and some that the people opening the capsule didn’t have the opportunity to experience, is such a wonderful feeling.   What also makes it great is that because of the idea behind a time capsule, only special items are put inside.  Unlike social media, a random drawer with misc. items, or a huge folder of stuff, which all contain many items of low relevance or interest, community is instructed and understands to add only high relevance or “the most interesting” items to a time capsule.  Items that will be worth the wait to be experienced for the first time, or experienced again, when the time capsule is opened.  Fun and loving surprises along with beautiful and wonderful memories.

If you think about it, when it comes to a wedding, time capsules are the perfect future gift experience to give, or to be a part of.  Yes, a wedding scrapbook is still cool but everything in it was put there by the couple.  So, the couple had to do all the work of creating the scrapbook and all the captured wedding moments and memorable wedding items added to the scrapbook were seen, selected, and then added by the couple.   Still great to go back and look through but no real surprises and usually what is in the wedding scrapbook is limited by the couple’s available time when creating it.

Which leads to why we thought the time capsule concept was such a perfect option for the big day.  A wedding time capsule, and one that is modern in that all the wedding pictures, videos, documents and personal messages are collected and stored digitally in a cloud-based capsule.   The love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule gives the couple complete control over who can add to their wedding time capsule, and when they want to open the capsule.  And for the couple and their guests, uploading is easy… open a simple to use mobile or desktop webpage, enter a code, and upload (no app or login required).   Combine that with plenty of email reminders and the couple should have a time capsule full of wonderful wedding memories safely waiting for them to relive, on a special day of their choosing.

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