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What is love + laughter + community?

Modern Scrapbook – Digital Storage – So Much More
Imagine waking up on a special day in the future and there it is - a capsule full of wedding celebration love and laughter.

Touching pictures, funny videos, and loving messages! Genuine and meaningful wedding moments, including many added by community - all there to be enjoyed by the couple when they open their capsule.


Captured moments that become precious wedding memories - all easily uploaded to the digital time capsule before, during, and after the wedding.

Upload through a simple webpage with just a unique code. No login or app required. Give the unique code to community and crowdsource a capsule full of genuine wedding moments. So easy, even grandma can do it!


A love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule makes the experience of reliving wedding memories happen in a wonderful and unique way.

Securely stored through the years and automatically opened on a date of the couples choosing. A perfect and unique wedding gift bought by or for the couple. Easy for everyone to use . A great value at only $85!


How does love + laughter + community work?

Easy to Use – Safely Stored – Couple Managed
All types of wedding memories
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Who Created It?

Love + laughter + community was developed and is run by the crazy-in-love couple of Bethel and Jason Nathan… happily married for over 11 years and perfect partners in both life and business. But let’s go back those 11 years to see where this chapter began.

Around the same time Bethel and Jason were planning their wedding, Bethel was asked to officiate her brother’s wedding, and of course, wanting to honor them in a way that fit them, she said yes. From there, having rocked her brother’s wedding, she performed the wedding ceremonies of two of her friends, and absolutely loved doing it! Her calling found, Bethel started Ceremonies by Bethel and building on her business skills and entrepreneurial passion, Bethel has now performed over 850 wedding ceremonies and Jason, who joined in on the fun in 2014, has performed over 120.

Having witnessed so many beautiful wedding moments, Bethel and Jason realized they did a poor job of gathering and saving their own wedding memories, and they wanted to, in some way, help other couples avoid the same mistakes they made. Putting their wedding knowledge, entrepreneurial skills, and software background to work, love + laughter + community was born.

Get a capsule for your wedding, or as a unique gift for that special couple – $85.

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