Creating Specific Wedding Memories for Future Love

//Creating Specific Wedding Memories for Future Love

Creating Specific Wedding Memories for Future Love

In reading the headline for this post you may be thinking to yourself, I already know that my wedding will create a whole bunch of wonderful memories, so why should I read this?   Well, I am not talking about the wedding memories that every wedding naturally creates.  Or, even the ones that just happen spontaneously.  What I wanted to let you in on is that if you do a little pre-planning, there are some moments you can make happen, or try to make happen, at your wedding.  And these moments will be some or your most cherished wedding memories.

So, what are these wedding moments?  Well, for each couple, the exact “what” that makes up these specific wedding moments are going to be different, but the idea behind all of them is going to be very similar.   These ideas are based on the why you are having a wedding.  You are having a wedding to celebrate one of the most important days in your life, the day you and your partner are committing to a lifetime together.  In addition, you have invited your community, friends and family whom you love and whom you want to be there to celebrate with you on one of the most important days in your life.

Which leads us to the what you should be thinking and planning.  With all those closest friends and family being together, there will be opportunities to get pictures, videos, and notes that will make not only incredible and meaningful future wedding memories, but incredible and meaningful future memories, full stop.   Some ideas of things you can plan that would create more, and more meaningful, wedding memories would be:

Pictures – think about if you want any pictures that aren’t on the shot list discussed with your photographer.  A picture of you and the person who introduced you to your future partner?  A picture of you and your parents having a drink together at the bar?   A picture of you and your favorite cousins hanging out?  These are the more personal and meaningful pictures that will be emotional and fun wedding memories to relive in the years to come.  And although you could ask your photographer to take these pictures, you could also ask a friend or family member to take them.  Having officiated over 900 weddings, I am pretty sure there will be someone, or a couple someone’s, with a decent camera.  If not, it is even fine to take these pictures with a smart phone since the love and laughter captured doesn’t need to be perfect.

Videos – when it comes to video, think beyond someone videoing parts of your wedding ceremony or your first dance.  Yes, those are beautiful and memorable wedding moments you will want to have video of, but I am referring to something even a bit more personal.  How about trying to get some interviews?  Your spouse’s grandma talking about what he/she was like when they were young?  Your parents and/or close friends, talking about you as couple and their wishes for your wedded future?  Could use a few questions that are asked to a certain set of people during your wedding or could be freer flowing.  And, similar to your wedding pictures, you don’t need a professional videographer to take these.  I am sure a friend or family member with a good camera or smart phone would be honored to do this for you.

Personal Messages – sometimes a wedding guest book is enough to get these but depending on what you are using and where it is set out at your wedding, you might want something more, or different.   Sometimes, the upside of a wedding guest book, the fact that messages are handwritten and feel very personal, is also a downside of the wedding guestbook.  Handwriting can sometimes be tough to read, and a physical guest book can get lost or destroyed.   As part of the functionality of a love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule, there is a personal messages feature which allows for more personal and meaningful messages, in a safer uploaded format.

Based on the love and emotion we get to relive from just a few of the random pictures taken by our friends and family way back when we were married, we knew that there could be more.  Both our grandma’s who were at our wedding, are no longer around and pictures of them mean so much to us.  Don’t miss out on this future wedding memory experience, the gift of wedding memories as we have named it.  A little planning and a tool like the love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule, can make it easy to relive some incredible moments and memories from your wedding, for years to come!

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