DIY When it Comes to Saving Wedding Memories?

//DIY When it Comes to Saving Wedding Memories?

DIY When it Comes to Saving Wedding Memories?

There will be a large number of wedding moments that will be captured during your entire wedding story and many of those moments are wedding memories you will want to keep.   Those special wedding memories will include photos or video that were taken by professional wedding vendors and by your community.  Add in other pieces that you also consider part of your wedding story, and worth saving, such as your wedding invitation, program, copy of your wedding ceremony, etc., and you can see that there can be a lot of wedding memories to collect, store, and safely save for years to come.   Just think about how many pictures and videos your friends and family may take on the wedding day alone :-).

Back in your parent’s day, options to collect and save wedding memories were limited to DIY whether a couple wanted to do it all themselves, or not.   Could create a wedding scrapbook or memories book.  Could get a wine box or something similar to collect guests wishes.  Could request their friends and family send a bunch of pictures.   They could even create a physical time capsule.  But, independent of which was chosen, it required time, sometimes quite a bit, for the couple to collect as many captured wedding moments as possible and then decide which were wedding memories worth saving for the long term.   From there, the couple had to figure out where to store those wedding memories they had chosen, picking a way that had the least chance of getting lost or destroyed.  Options included storing the memories in a closet, under a bed, or in a drawer.  And, in the case of a physical wedding time capsule, we even heard of people who buried them in the ground… cool but risky.

As computer memory became cheaper, and processing speeds faster, more of a couples wedding photos and videos could be stored on a computer hard drive, which was a better and safer options than in the past.  However, a hard drive could still crash and most people weren’t great at doing back-ups.  And even though more was being stored digitally, couples still kept many wedding memories in their physical form (printed invitation, copy of the ceremony, etc.).

So, what about today?   Is all DIY still required when it comes to saving your wedding memories?   Well, all DIY is still an option and it is better overall in today’s world due to being able to transfer and store a lot electronically.  At least there is no need to get discs, CD’s, or thumb drives.  And with storage options like Drop Box, there is a much better chance that your stored wedding memories will be around in 5, 10, or even 20 years… although depending on how much you are trying to save, it may cost you some money each year to keep everything in your account.

However, still a lot of work to collect and sort through all the captured wedding moments from your big day, especially with how many more captured moments there are since pretty much all your wedding guests have an easy to use camera and video recorder in their pocket.  And hopefully, your friends and family will be nice enough to send you only the 5 really special pictures and not the 50 out of focus pictures they took at your reception, but not something you can always count on.

One thing we did want to make a point and mention was to think of social media as a great place to see some fun and special moments from your wedding, shared in the days and weeks after.  BUT, please don’t think social media is the perfect place to collect and/or save your wedding memories.  Most of what is posted on social media is not meant to be download and is only meant for the short term.  Also, you don’t own anything about your social media accounts… companies can disappear, start to charge you, or remove your content.  It has happened in the past and will happen in the future.

In conclusion, when it comes to saving the wedding moments that will be your wedding memories for years to come, you can still do all the work yourself or hopefully, you will save yourself some time and effort, while ending up with more high quality wedding memories, by looking into getting a love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule here.

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