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You probably could, but with the time commitments before and during the wedding, the honeymoon afterward, and then the back to work and normal life, we have witnessed the difficulty couples have collecting and saving even a small portion of the memories from their wedding.  In addition, once collected, you would need to figure out how to safely store those memories for long periods of time in a way that won’t potentially get lost or destroyed. Or, you can get a love + laughter + community wedding time capsule that will make the task of collecting and storing all your precious wedding memories easier since your community can contribute directly, and your capsule is part of a system designed specifically to safely and securely store those memories for long periods of time.  All this for only $85… aren’t your wedding memories and your time saved worth it?

Here are some ideas: your save the date, wedding invitation, engagement photos, videos from the bridal shower and bachelor/ette parties, a copy of the ceremony, your vows, videos of the wedding toasts, the song from your first dance, wedding day pictures from friends and family, scans of RSVP cards or wedding cards, your inspiration board…  There’s no end to the memories that you can upload and can store. You can even record a special message to your new husband or wife meant to be watched together on the date you’ve chosen to open the capsule.

A love + laughter + community digital time capsule wasn’t created to replace Instagram or other photo sharing services used for the wedding.  It’s different and where it is different, it is better.  Here are just a few of the ways:

  1. you have your own time capsule, no chance of sharing a hashtag or having your pictures out there for all to see and grab;
  2. you don’t have to find and collect everything that was shared across multiple social media platforms and figure out where and how to store it long-term;
  3. only you can open the capsule and see what has been uploaded, rather than it being visible to family and friends, or even the public.

Yes and no. There are basically 3 stages to time capsule.

  • The first stage starts when the time capsule is purchased and ends 30 days after the wedding when the time capsule is sealed and stored.  During this stage, the couple, and any friends and family they gave their capsule code to, can upload to the capsule.  However, nothing uploaded can be immediately viewed or downloaded.  It works that way because the time capsule is not meant to be a picture share service or a shared drive.  It is meant to allow a couple to safely and securely store their wedding memories and for their family and friends to be able to upload their best fun and loving pictures, videos, and messages which then become future gifts the couple gets to enjoy when the capsule is opened.
  • The second stage is when the capsule is sealed and stored.  While the capsule is sealed and stored, no one can upload or view the memories that are in the capsule.
  • The third stage begins on the open date specified by the couple in their capsule account (e.g. their 5th anniversary).  On this date, the capsule is opened and the couple can download and enjoy all their wedding memories, including the special moments uploaded by their community all those years ago, which the couple now gets to experience for the first time.

Please note that the open date of the capsule is set by the couple and the couple has the option to change it at anytime from within their capsule account.  So, a couple can keep their capsule sealed until their 10th or even 20th anniversary or open it a couple days after it is initially sealed.

Pretty much any picture, video, or document file type can be uploaded. Just note that, similar to storing and opening files from your own hard drive or a shared drive, you would need the corresponding software for each type of file. For example, if there is a .pdf document in your time capsule, you would need a .pdf reader to be able to open that file.

Nope. The capsule is open from the moment of purchase until 30 days after the wedding.  This provides the option, and time, to upload all kinds of wedding moments to the capsule at any time. The capsule can include pictures, videos, and notes from the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and even items from your wedding vendor team.

Yes, but they must have the unique capsule code to do so.  At the time of purchase, the couple is emailed a unique time capsule code which they can use to upload to their capsule.  In addition, they can give that unique capsule code to anyone they want.  Some couples don’t give it to anyone, preferring to upload everything themselves, while most couples provide it to everyone they are inviting. As part of the purchase, love + laughter + community provides multiple options to assist couples in sending their family and friends both the capsule code and corresponding upload instructions.

Definitely! We highly encourage it since is part of the uniqueness of the love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule. When a couple gives their code to their family and friends, those with the code can upload whenever works for them. So, those friends or family members who are not able to attend the wedding can sit down and make a short video or add a touching note at any time.

Although we do have a mobile app option, the couple, and any of their friends and family who have the capsule code, can also upload via a webpage using their computer, a mobile phone, and/or a tablet.

Nope. The purchase price covers storage of the time capsule until it is opened.

Nope.  Based on the need for keeping your memories safe and secure, once it is sealed, nothing can be added to the capsule. This is why we make upload to your capsule available from time of purchase until 30 days after the wedding… allowing plenty of time for you and your family and friends to put as many memories into the capsule as possible.

Absolutely! Our time capsules make a perfect and unique gift for a couple. When purchased as a gift, we send the couple an email telling them who bought them this wonderful gift and how to begin using it right away.

Only the couple can view the time capsule’s contents when it’s time to open. They can then choose to share all or some of what was in their capsule with their community.

We take the security of your once-in-a-lifetime wedding moments very seriously… this is much, much more than a quickly built app.  The software package that manages your time capsule upload and storage process was painstakingly designed and thoroughly tested.  Every one of your precious wedding memories is handled and backed-up, with multiple redundancies, using Amazon Web Services.

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