Is it the time for a unique wedding gift?

//Is it the time for a unique wedding gift?

Is it the time for a unique wedding gift?

Wedding gift options used to include a set of glasses, or bath towels, or silverware, and for many couples getting married, it probably still does.  Having celebrated over 900 couples, I know the wedding gift options of the past are still very relevant for some of today’s couples.   Yet, with the average age of couples getting married, and the number of years they have cohabitated before marriage, continuing to rise, things are a changing.  This is causing wedding gift options to expand since many of these older couples don’t need glasses, bath towels, or silverware as gifts.   The options for wedding gifts is not only expanding but they are mirroring the mantra of many, experiences over things.

The younger millennials (Gen Y) and now Gen Z are wanting weddings that cater to them, and their guests, through experiences and their wedding gift registry options are following suit.   Since most people still don’t prefer to give money as a gift and still prefer to purchase something for the couple, some registries now offer the option to package items with experiences.  Maybe purchase the couple their first skydiving adventure or some part of their honeymoon.  These registries and the internet itself have really opened-up the options for wedding gift options.  Everything from the more mundane, but wanted, to some very unique wedding gift options are out there.

If you are like me, you tend to lean toward the more unique gift options.   I want the wedding gift I buy to be something the couple wants and will enjoy.  In addition, it should be something on the more unique side if possible.  I want to give them a wedding gift that represents not only them, but me and who I am to them.   The better I know the couple, the more personal and meaningful I want the gift to be.   Also, the better I know the couple, the more I am willing to stray from a more standard wedding registry.  I will get a couple a set of bath towels as a gift if that is what they really want, I just don’t prefer that to be my gift.   Of course, I think the digital wedding time capsule we created fits all the criteria – personal, meaningful, fun, and an incredible experience when the couple opens it.

As I mentioned above, and as I highly recommend, how much you stray from the more standard wedding gift options should be proportional to how well you know the couple getting married.  The more you know them, the more comfortable you should be selecting something that is unique and personal but is still something the couple will want and enjoy as a wedding gift.  Even if you hate to be that person, the person that buys them the most mundane gift off their registry, it is OK to buy it for them since they must want and/or need it.   It is better to get them an un-memorable wedding gift vs. giving them a very memorable gift, but memorable in the wrong way.

So, enjoy a time of more meaningful and experiential wedding gifts and if you are looking for something that is a great option, please check out a love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule and give the gift of future wedding memories.

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