Much Wedding Love Saved for the Future

//Much Wedding Love Saved for the Future

Much Wedding Love Saved for the Future

In creating the digital wedding time capsule, we really thought about and researched options for saving wedding memories.  And in our research, we definitely asked, and were asked, the question of, “what wedding moments should a couple save?”.  We took the info gained and shared the basics in an earlier post, which included a list containing many suggestions of what wedding memories couples save.  So, in this post, we wanted to focus, and get a little more in depth, on a few unique wedding memory ideas.   These are ideas that work really well when using a love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule but can also be done without it, if you are willing to put in some extra work.

These ideas are, in a way, meant to actually create and curate some extra wedding love and laughter.  Wedding love and laughter that will bring back so much joy when experienced on an anniversary or other special day in the future.  As officiants, one of our first suggestions is that the couple write love letters to each other.  Things get pretty crazy in the weeks and especially days leading up to the wedding and sitting down and writing a love letter to each other is a wonderful way to take some time away from the wedding preparation insanity and remember what the wedding day is about… committing to a lifetime with that special person.   The love letters should then be tucked away, maybe in something like a digital wedding time capsule 😊 and saved for the future.  It is truly a wonderful experience on a 1st, 5th, or even 10th anniversary to read a love letter written by partner just before they committed to a lifetime with you.

Similar to the love letter, here are a couple other great ideas you, with the help of your community, can do to make not only your wedding day more memorable, but also give you some incredible wedding memories to experience in the future.

Short Video Interviews – pick a few people you would love to have a special memory of in the future… maybe grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, a special aunt, the person who introduced you, etc.   Then get a friend, preferably someone who loves to talk and won’t be too drunk, to find those special people during the night and do a short video interview with each of them.  Could ask them about their fondest and funniest memory of you.  Or, could ask them about how this special day makes them feel.  Or something similar.  You get the point.  These videos would be done on a phone or tablet so they won’t be perfect videos, instead, they will be genuine moments that are happening on your special day.  And although this takes a bit of pre-planning, these will be not just be incredible wedding memories, but incredible memories, when experienced and relived on special days in the future.

Digital Guest Messages – this can be done in multiple ways.  Could have people do a quick video on their phone or each could send a digital message (using text or some type of messenger).   Of course, not everyone will do it but trust us when we say that not everybody even signs an old school guestbook.  Most will do it and the personal messages will be full of wedding wishes with lots of love and laughter.  And they will be very enjoyable to experience again and again for many years after your wedding.  If you decide to DIY this, make sure you create a sign that can go on an entry/reception table at your wedding.  Or, you can get our digital time capsule and use the personal messages feature that is built in.

In addition to the above, I am sure you can come up with some other unique ideas for wedding moments that you want captured and saved for years to come.  Moments that will not only remind you of the beauty and fun of your wedding but will also remind you of the wonderful community that was there to celebrate with you.  I can’t stress enough that if you think you will want these types of special wedding memories, start planning the what and how for getting them before your wedding.   Yes, you will automatically get the pictures from your photographer and some of your guests will send you pics and video but trying to get more than that, will most likely not happen without pre-planning.   Because we know too well that after your wedding, there will be a honeymoon, or at least a few days with friends and family, and then back to busy normal life.

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