Not the Same Old Wedding Gift

//Not the Same Old Wedding Gift

Not the Same Old Wedding Gift

To wedding registry or not to wedding registry… is that the question?

Wedding gifts have gone the direction of weddings in general, which means gift options have expanded to include gifts that are more unique, more experiential, and more meaningful to the couple.  We married 12 years ago and because we were a “bit” older than the average couple at the time, we didn’t need/want the “normal” wedding gifts.  We had sheets for our bed and pots for our kitchen, and we had no need for a set of formal china or any silver serving trays.

Instead, if people wanted to give us a gift, we really wanted money toward our honeymoon.  But of course, asking for cash was, and I believe still is, considered “in-proper”.  Luckily for us, our wedding was around the time that wedding gift thinking was changing and although we were told by multiple people that we did need to have a standard gift registry with at least a few things we needed, we also found an option that allowed us to setup a travel registry, listing the honeymoon travel experiences our guests could help us buy.

Jump ahead 12 years to today and wedding registry options have expanded to include sites that allow a couple to combine standard registry items and unique wedding gifts like the Love + Laughter + Community digital wedding time capsule into one single registry.  As wedding guests, you want the gift to be something the couple wants while still being a gift that represents you as the person, or couple, who is giving the gift.   So many more options allow for much more personal gifting without giving the couple something they will immediately add to a re-gifting pile.

Love + Laughter + Community makes that unique wedding gift that almost any couple will love!  The couple can use it from the time it is purchased throughout their entire wedding celebration, allowing them, and their community, the opportunity to add pictures, videos, and wedding related documents to their digital time capsule.  In addition, it offers the ability for guests to add personal notes to the capsule.   And since what is added by community is not seen by the couple until they open it, the capsule adds wonderful and fun surprises to a time when it is of the most value, for example, a 5th wedding anniversary, or any other special day of the couple’s choosing.  A day in which, because of your gift, the couple gets to relive their wedding day all over again!

One final tip – it is great to make your wedding gift unique, but make sure it is something the couple wants or something you know they will use.

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