Planning for the Saving of Your Wedding Memories

//Planning for the Saving of Your Wedding Memories

Planning for the Saving of Your Wedding Memories

Two quick questions.  1) How busy do you think the days leading up to your wedding will be?   And, 2) are you going on a honeymoon right after, or pretty much right back to work?   Although you may not be able to answer one, or both, of these questions yet, I can tell you what we have seen in our 10 years of experience and why we bring it up.   Having worked with over 900 couples, I can almost guarantee you will be, at the least, mildly busy in the days leading up to your wedding.   Even if you have a great wedding planner and everyone is ahead of the game, there are so many last-minute details.  When you include all the questions from vendors, family, and friends, and the little things that require your attention, there will be plenty to do.

In regards to the second question, if you aren’t doing a honeymoon, you are probably back to daily life, and work, pretty quickly.  And although that newly wedded feeling will stay with you for a while, many of the special moments of your wedding will start to fade pretty quickly.  I can definitely say that our wedding day went by so quickly, I really didn’t remember much even a couple days later.   Because of all this, your wedding memories captured digitally and your physical wedding items really need to be collected, organized, and stored as soon as possible after your wedding.  Knowing how many wedding moments were probably captured by friends and family, and how quickly these and other wedding items can be forgotten about, thrown away, or deleted, creating a simple plan before your wedding to aid you in collecting, organizing, and saving your wedding memories is a very good idea.

Your wedding memory plan doesn’t need to be fancy and should be in place before your wedding.  By just being a bit prepared and ahead of the game, you will end up with more, and more genuine, wedding memories to relive in the future.  Below are a couple tips to help you create your wedding memory plan.

1) Start collecting items before your wedding.  Any item or captured moment that you consider to be part of your wedding story can be gathered into a single, or a couple, locations as they happen.   Keep wedding story pictures, videos, and documents together in a single digital folder.  This folder could contain video from your proposal, pictures from dress shopping, or anything else that you might want to see when reliving your wedding story.  You may also have a physical location (a box or drawer) where you keep physical items such as a printed copy of your invitation or the RSVP card well wishes of those who won’t be able to attend.

2) Setup some type of shared folder and have friends and family send the photos and videos they took at your wedding directly to that folder.   This will probably still require you to go through what is sent so you can pick and save only the ones that are personal and meaningful to you, and worth saving for the future.  Ones that you will want to experience again, for years to come.

And don’t forget, you can get help.  Purchase our digital wedding time capsule, or something similar, as a way to make your life easier when it comes to collecting and saving your wedding memories.   The digital wedding time capsule is open from the time of purchase and allows for friends and family to directly upload.   It also makes for an incredible experience when your time capsule opens and you get to relive all the wedding love and laughter that is inside.

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