Reason #3 for a digital wedding time capsule

//Reason #3 for a digital wedding time capsule

Reason #3 for a digital wedding time capsule

In the previous blog post, we talked briefly about the 4 main reasons to get a digital wedding time capsule, or something similar.  The first two reasons covered the fact that everyone has a decent camera in their pocket and that wedding planning and preparation can be very time consuming.   Although neither of these is a big revelation, combined, they usually mean that for most couples getting married, there will be a large amount of wonderful and genuine wedding story moments captured by friends and family.  Yet, because of how much time is spent on all things wedding day focused, and then enjoying post wedding bliss before going back to work, most couples will end up collecting and saving only a fraction of the precious wedding moments that are captured throughout their wedding story.

Which is why offering an easier way to crowdsource the collecting of these once-in-a-lifetime wedding memories was one of the first features built into the digital wedding time capsule.  Although making it easy was a top priority, we did add a couple limitations to this functionality…  basically, we wanted to make sure that no couple ends up with 50 pictures of a blurry dance floor (and yes, we have seen this on other wedding picture share services).   By adding a limitation on the number of wedding pictures and videos in a single upload, and on the size of any single file within the upload, the system tries to make sure that only the best captured wedding moments end up in the time capsule.  And although limitations are usually bad, this one isn’t because it directs friends and family to review what they are uploading hopefully making sure they are uploading only the best wedding moments they captured.

With social media and shared drives thought of as the main options, was creating this new and modern time capsule, one specifically built for weddings, important?   We think so because being able to relive wedding memories years after the big day is an incredible gift for a couple.   The wedding day is a very important day to a couple, and their community.  It is the day in which the couple is committing to each other for a lifetime.  It is also probably the biggest party a couple will throw and it is a party that includes so many of the couple’s closest friends and family, all together in one place to celebrate.   So, it is easy to understand why we think the ability a digital wedding time capsule gives to relive so many once-in-a-lifetime wedding moments is a unique and incredible wedding gift.

And the best gifts are ones that are a good mixture of the expected and some wonderful surprises.  When community is involved, the love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule can hold not only the wedding moments uploaded by the couple, but also the moments uploaded by friends and family.  Some of which the couple might have seen at the time of their wedding, while others will be experienced by the couple for the first time when they open and download their capsule.  The digital time capsule even has a message feature so community can add messages of love, advice, and probably some humor, into the capsule… basically a digital wedding guestbook.

Although for each couple the amount and type of wedding memories that will be important in the future is different, the wonderful and genuine moments that are experienced on such a special day are priceless.  And making sure as many of those priceless wedding memories as possible are easily collected and safely stored seems like an easy choice as a gift for any couple.  One that can be purchased by the couple or as a unique and perfect wedding gift for them.

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