Reason #4 – Your Wedding Memories Safely Stored

//Reason #4 – Your Wedding Memories Safely Stored

Reason #4 – Your Wedding Memories Safely Stored

When we were married over 12 years ago, technology was at least to the point where our wedding photos were taken on digital cameras and we were thus able to store them digitally.  However, it wasn’t as easy to take them, get them, or store them as it is today.  We actually gave each of our guests a CD Rom and a postage paid envelope with instructions.  Those instructions were to copy the pictures they took onto the CD Rom and send it back to us in the envelope we provided.

At the time we got married, it was the most modern way to get wedding pictures from our community and it was also how we, and most other couples, would get the pictures their wedding photographer took.  As a side note, although the collection and storage process was more complex and manual than it is today, going through it did teach us a few important lessons that we applied when we developed the process for how the love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule would work (more detail on that in the next blog post).

Many of our friends and family were nice enough to take the time and send us their pictures.  The problem was that even though we had all these wonderful wedding pictures, they were on a bunch of different CD Rom’s.   We could have left them on the CD Rom’s but that would have been risky since if they got lost, there was no back-up.  And, as technology advances, the ability to view what is on CD Rom’s has become tougher since many computers sold today do not have a CD Rom drive.   Based on trying to keep our wedding memories as safe as possible, we ended up loading the wedding pictures from each CD Rom onto an external hard drive.  Still risky since the drive could crash or get lost, but best option available.

In addition to worrying about how to keep our wedding pictures safe, there were all the other wedding related items that we wanted save… a copy of our invitation, a copy of the program, one of our guest gift items, etc.   All those were physical items that we ended up putting in a drawer where they were safe.  Or were they?   We have heard way too many stories of the physical items getting lost or destroyed.  In our over 10 years as wedding officiants, couples and wedding vendors have related to us how this has happened to both the few wedding items they stored in a drawer or box, as well as to entire scrapbooks full of wedding memories.

You would have thought that with so many couples dealing with the same issues, and the vast improvement in storage and processing technology, it would have led to something easier to use, an all in one solution that was more modern, and safer when it comes to long term storage of wedding memories.   But it really hadn’t.  You can use shared drives in the cloud, which are a little more secure.  You can get all the wedding moments captured by your community a bit easier through shared access or by thumb drives.   Yet, many couples still are doing all the collecting/saving work themselves while relying on free shared drive services to store their precious wedding memories.

Why and what did we create?  The love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule was designed from the beginning to be an inexpensive addition to your wedding while being focused on both making it easy to crowdsource, upload, and collect more precious wedding memories while making sure those saved wedding memories are safely and securely stored for the long term.

Using the power and safety of Amazon Web Services, we make sure that on a special day in the future of your choosing, your wedding memories will be available for you to relive.  No need to worry as the years pass and life takes you here or there.  Be it your 1st, 5th, or 10th wedding anniversary, or any other day, just open up your capsule, and download your wedding memories.  And although some things are beyond anyone’s control, the love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule stores every one of your precious wedding memories as safely as possible.

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