Saving Special Wedding Memories You vs. Your Parents

//Saving Special Wedding Memories You vs. Your Parents

Saving Special Wedding Memories You vs. Your Parents

Not sure if parents today still use the, “well back in my day” response but it is a perfect way to start this post.  And when it comes to weddings, the comparison on what is done, or available to be done, now vs. what was done 20 years ago is always interesting since weddings usually involve some tradition and nostalgia combined with the modern and new.   For example, although most of us haven’t hand written a note to someone in quite some time, we still see many couples who have a guestbook out at their wedding.  While weddings still do include a good bit of old school stuff, there is also plenty of new and unique that couples are adding to their weddings.  And I am glad to say that the mixture of old and new at each wedding is more and more based on what the couple wants (not based on their parents).

Which is a great segue into the wedding memories created by both the old and new parts of the wedding.  And yes, I know you are probably reading this before your wedding is happening so you have to put a little trust in me when I say that now is the time to put some thought into collecting and saving your wedding memories.  I say this for three reasons –

  • Your wedding story has already started. And yes, most of your wedding memories will be made on the day of your wedding, however, your wedding story started at the proposal.  There will be many special moments and milestones that take place in between your proposal and your wedding.  All are part of your wedding story, all were probably captured in some way, and all may be memories you want to re-experience in the future.
  • The early you start saving, or at least thinking about saving, your wedding memories, the better. I know this is pretty broad and standard advice but it is true.  We have celebrated with over 900 couples and know that for most, life is busy enough without a wedding.  And the closer to the wedding, the crazier the time demands will be.
  • Social media should not to be relied on for long term wedding memory storage. Yes, Facebook, Instagram, and others are a great place to share and see your wedding memories especially in the days, weeks, and even months after your wedding.  However, since you don’t “own” your hashtag or pretty much anything else in regards to your profile on social media platforms, and since downloading from most social media platforms can be a pain or leave you with low res images, I would not recommend counting on your wedding memories being accessible in the years to come.

If you follow our advice and decide to start planning and saving wedding memories now, good to begin by determining a) what you think you will want to save, b) how you are going to collect those things, and c) where you are going to store them.

a)  What wedding memories you will want to save.  This is a personal choice so you may save the same things your parents did or just some of the same things.  For most, the important things to save are certain photos (family, friends, candid, etc.), videos of poignant moments (e.g. first dance), and a few documents (copy of the ceremony, copy of the invitation, and some personal notes).   Of course, there are other wedding memories like a copy of the program, details photos, etc. that might be important to some while not being important to others.

b) and c)  How you are going to collect them and how you are going to store them.  These two are related or should be related in multiple ways so I figured it was good to cover them together.  Depending how old your parents are, they may have all their wedding memories stored in a physical way or a mix with some stored digitally and some stored physically.   Today, although most everything you would want to save can be saved digitally, there are some things that you may want to store physically.  For those wedding memories, easy enough to have a box or specific drawer set aside and as you collect them, just make sure you add them.  If you need to get those items from someone else, good to let them know in advance that you want them and give them an easy way to get that wedding memory to you.

Me being older, I do understand the need to have certain wedding items in physical form, however, it is 2019.  Your friends and family are taking those candid wedding pictures and videos on a phone or tablet.  Your invitation and program are created and even possibly delivered, digitally.  And your wedding ceremony was created as a digital document.  Pretty much every wedding moment captured is in digital form or can be quickly put into digital form by scanning or taking a picture of it.   I the love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule software, we even created a message/notes option to allow your guests to add personal messages to your time capsule.

If most of your wedding memories are in digital format, and being in digital format makes them easy to store securely, sounds like the modern way to go.  And by getting a love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule, you add an easy to use interface that allows you and your community to upload directly into your time capsule, which is then safely stored with multiple redundancies.   Lots of wedding memories with almost no chance of being lost or destroyed… unlike in your parent’s day.

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