Saving Your Wedding Story for the Ages

//Saving Your Wedding Story for the Ages

Saving Your Wedding Story for the Ages

Your wedding is a big deal. From the importance of what is happening – you are publicly committing to a lifetime of togetherness with that super special person you love. To the how much effort and money will go into creating your wedding – an event that can be quite expensive and usually requires a large time commitment from you. Yet, it will be worth it – the experience of your wedding will be amazing. Your beautiful and meaningful ceremony; that perfect band playing your reception; looking into the eyes of your husband or wife during the first dance – all the incredible enjoyment on your wedding day surrounded by the love, laughter, and support of your community.

All the once-in-a-lifetime moments created leading up to and during your wedding day make up the incredible experience that becomes your wedding story. Of course, as so many will tell you, your wedding story, and especially your wedding day will fly by. With so much going on, many moments that happen during your wedding may not be experienced, or fully experienced by you. Those dance moves by grandma when you are off talking to uncle Bill. Your parents getting super emotional as they gush about you while you are with the photographer off taking wedding pictures. The young cousins all smooshing cake in their faces together while you are enjoying the crazy dance floor with friends.

So many great wedding moments. Wouldn’t you want to relive as many of those wedding memories as possible? Not just a few that you threw in a scrapbook, or a box under the bed, not just the professional pictures and video, but as many moments as possible? Having celebrated with over 900 couples, we know that you will work hard to make your wedding special and unique. A wedding day full of special experiences for you and your guests that fit who you are as a couple. Even adding extras like photo booths, drones, specialty coffee and doughnut bars, etc.

We also know how important memories of your wedding day can be in the future. Unfortunately, we have seen so many couples, us included, who did a poor job of saving our wedding story. During the lead up to the wedding, you are focused on the day itself and then afterwards, you are in post wedding bliss, potentially burned out, and hopefully on an amazing honeymoon. So, what about all those wedding memories?

You will have pictures from the professional photographers, and maybe video from a videographer. You will also have what is shared with you by friends and family in the days and week or two afterward. Some sent directly to you, which you need to remember to put somewhere safe (and try to keep it all together). Others shared with you on Facebook or other social media. But as we know, those memories can get mixed with others who use the same hashtag or will disappear into your feed if not grabbed quickly. There are so many wonderful, spontaneous, and meaningful moments captured by you, your family, and your friends that should be stored safely and securely. Everyone has a mobile device and most love to use them. The pictures and video captured on phones and tablets by your community is so special. It provides a 360-degree view of your wedding and so many moments that you would have missed otherwise. When you save the best of the professionals with the best from those that love you, you end up with an incredible wedding story to relive.

So, we highly recommend you create a plan to make sure your wedding memories are gathered and safely stored, or use a tool like love + laughter + community that makes saving and storing an entire weddings worth of memories easy.

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