The Gift of Wedding Memories – Getting a Better Experience

//The Gift of Wedding Memories – Getting a Better Experience

The Gift of Wedding Memories – Getting a Better Experience

In the development of the love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule, we thought a lot about two things.  The first was how to make it easier for you to get more, and more genuine, wedding memories to relive in the future, while offering you this wedding memory functionality in a new and modern way.   The second, and the one I wanted to discuss a bit today, was how you get a better wedding memory experience at the time you do relive your saved wedding memories.

Of course, you may be asking yourself the following question.  “What do you mean a better wedding memories experience?   I pull out my saved wedding memories and experience them, seems pretty straight forward and good.”   Well, that is where our thinking started as well.  But then, when we started to look deeper at how couples today are saving their wedding memories, and which wedding memories they are saving long-term, we started to see some areas that could be better.

Many couples end up saving some physical wedding items in a box, a folder of photos and videos they and their community took, and a folder of photos downloaded from their professional wedding photographer.  In all that stuff, what is being saved includes the beautiful moments of wedding love and laughter, and lots of other stuff.  In our research, it turned out couples are saving a bunch of not-so-interesting or out of focus wedding pictures, videos shot without enough light, and other misc. items that at the time they were put away, seemed worthy.   Not saying there is anything wrong with saving everything, or most of everything, wedding related.  Just makes the experience of reliving the wonderful and fun wedding moments more time consuming since you also must go through a large amount of “not that memorable items” in the process.  Can end up diminishing the wedding memory experience a bit.

Taking all this into consideration, we found that the best wedding memory experience, the future gift of wedding memories as we call it, happens when you can take the time to sort all your wedding memories into a couple different groups.   You could have a group of the emotional wedding pictures and videos, ones that make you laugh and tear up when you look at them.   These are the wedding memories that you will most enjoy reliving.  You could also create a group of meaningful wedding memories that are less important but ones you still want to save.  Maybe some specific detail shots and other items like a copy of your wedding invitation and wedding program.   These are ones you will want to have but they most likely aren’t as important.   And finally, for everything else, you can either just keep them together or toss them knowing that it will provide little to no joy in the future, even if looked at.

The above is what you are doing when creating a wedding scrapbook but unfortunately, a wedding scrapbook is usually more limited in the amount of wedding memories it can hold, and it is usually a physical item.  This means a wedding scrapbook requires a lot of time to assemble and it can more easily be lost.   We believed a better solution, one that either is used instead of a wedding scrapbook, or in concert with one, is the digital wedding time capsule.  If you want to learn more about this as an option for your wedding memories, check out some of our other blog posts or click here.

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