The Gift of Wedding Memories – What Does That Mean?

//The Gift of Wedding Memories – What Does That Mean?

The Gift of Wedding Memories – What Does That Mean?

If after your wedding, you put some of your wedding stuff in a drawer and add a folder to your computer full of pictures from your photographer, you will have wedding memories to relive. And of course, those pictures and stuff in a drawer will include some great wedding moments that will make you smile whenever you look at them.

However, we thought that your wedding day, or anyone else’s for that matter, is a super duper special once-in-a-lifetime event that deserves something a bit more fun and unique when it comes to wedding memories. And when thinking about what option would reflect how meaningful your wedding memories will be, we imagined that it should be some sort of gift. A really amazing gift, one to be opened and enjoyed by you on a specific day in the future. A gift that combines a lot of what you want and were expecting, with some wonderful surprises. A gift that you can buy for yourself, or you can have one of your friends and family buy it for you. Basically, a gift that is purchased before your wedding, filled with the love and laughter of your wedding, and then opened by you on a day of your choosing in the future (e.g. a 5th anniversary).

Having celebrated with over 900 couples, we had a good idea of most of the wedding memory options that were out there. Of course, there are multiple options for saving wedding memories already available, however, most are old school, physical options. And although they are all ok as options, they all seem to have at least one of the following two big limitations… they require a lot of work by the couple and/or they only do something very limited. Examples of these current options are a wine box, a wedding scrapbook, a wedding guestbook, etc.

In addition to having a good idea of what was out there, we understood weddings, the generation of couples getting married, and how whatever we created needed to work. Using this knowledge, plus input from some of our couples, we really liked the idea of a time capsule. But we knew that this option had to be a much more modern version of the time capsule concept, and we knew it had to function the way weddings do.

Time capsules have been around for years and years and years and make an incredible and fun “gift” when opened. The basic idea fits weddings perfectly… a person, or preferably a group of people have a specific amount of time to contribute fun and memorable items to a “box”. When the time is up, the box is sealed for a period of time (usually more than one year). Then, on a specific date, it is opened and some of the fun and loving stuff is relived and some stuff, surprises added by your community, is experienced for the first time. What a perfect gift!

And thus, the gift of wedding memories was born in this new and modern time capsule… one designed specifically for weddings. More than just a way to collect and keep wedding memories, a digital wedding time capsule combines the wedding pictures, videos, and documents you add to it with the pictures, videos, and personal messages your community adds to it. All this wonderfulness is easily uploaded and safely stored until you open it, experience it, and enjoy every moment. The incredible gift of wedding memories!

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