The Special Gift of Wedding Memories

//The Special Gift of Wedding Memories

The Special Gift of Wedding Memories

The amount of wedding memories a couple will want to relive as they get older definitely varies.   Some couples are fine with being able to relive just a select few special wedding moments, maybe on a significant anniversary.  While other couples want to be able to re-experience as much of their wedding as possible, and whenever the mood hits.  Either way, the more wedding memories that are collected and stored, the better chance a couple has to be able to relive the moments they found to be special.  Which means, to many couples, wedding memories are a gift.  A gift that is picked out and given in the months before the wedding and opened over and over throughout the couple’s lives.

Couple can relive their wedding memories on significant days such as a 10th anniversary.  Couple can relive their wedding memories with their kids.  Couple can relive their wedding memories with family and friends… some who were there with them to celebrate and some who weren’t.   It really doesn’t matter the when and with whom… the gift that the memories give is incredibly valuable.   Now here is the great part of the gift of wedding memories, not only are they valuable and unique, but the cost of this particular gift is small.  Yes, the wedding itself is usually expensive (another reason why you may want the ability to experience it again), however, the cost of collecting and saving wedding memories is really just time and maybe a few dollars for something like the love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule.

Wedding memories are a gift most often given by the bride and/or groom to themselves but it doesn’t have to only be that way.   A friend or family member, independent of whether or not they are able to attend the wedding, can give the unique gift of wedding memories to the couple.   It can be a surprise gift, in which the memories are collected by the friend or family member, or by the friend or family member working in concert with the couple’s community.   It can be a unique wedding gift given to the couple before the wedding so that they can lead, or at least be the main people involved in collecting their wedding memories.  Or the collecting of wedding memories can be done by community and couple working together.   I can tell you from personal experience that anyway it is done, the value of the wedding memories collected will be more than worth the time it took to collect them.   For example, my spouse and I wrote love letters to each other right before the wedding and we read them to each other on each anniversary and on Valentines day.

A wedding, sized anywhere from an elopement up to a huge affair, is about celebrating one of the most special moments a couple will have.  And around that special moment are a bunch of wonderful smaller moments and memories.  Might be dad tearing up as his daughter comes down the aisle, might be grandma tearing up the dance floor, might be the incredible vows shared by the couple… all wedding moments that should be saved so they can be experienced again.   They make a special gift for the couple that can be opened over and over, delivering the same amount of joy each time.

So, a few tips and hints on giving and creating a wedding gift of memories.  1)  Independent of who is creating the gift, start early and capture and collect memories on a certain schedule.  The more time that has elapsed after the wedding the tougher it will be to collect the memories and the less likely it will happen.   Using a love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule means the couple and their community will be reminded both before and after the wedding.    2)  Store all the wedding memories collected in one location.  By having everything together, it reduces the chances that certain memories will be lost and makes the gift of wedding memories easier to enjoy when opening.   This is why a love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule allows for all types of files and keeps everything together.  3)  Store it all safely and securely so the gift of wedding memories doesn’t end up being the gift that got lost or destroyed before it could be opened and enjoyed.   Everything uploaded to the love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule is stored with Amazon Web Services and had redundant back-ups.

Give the unique and special gift of wedding memories and know that it is one of the most thoughtful and valuable gifts a couple will get.

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