Wedding Celebration Memories – More Than Just the Big Day

//Wedding Celebration Memories – More Than Just the Big Day

Wedding Celebration Memories – More Than Just the Big Day

When creating the concept for love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsules, one thing we wanted to make sure was that the functionality included providing the couple the ability to start uploading to their capsule immediately after it was purchased. It wouldn’t matter if the time capsule was purchased a week or a year before the wedding, and it wouldn’t matter if you, the couple, buys it or someone buys it for you as a unique wedding gift. And thus, the way it works is that you can upload to your time capsule at any time, from time of purchase through 30 days after your wedding day. If you decide to allow your friends and family to contribute, they also can upload in the same time frame.

Your digital wedding time capsule functions this way for 2 main reasons –

  • The first reason is that you should have more than a very limited time slot in which to collect and upload your memories and it should be more than just the few days around your wedding to do the collecting and uploading. Having a limited time frame to collect, review, and store all your wonderful wedding memories almost always leads to more than a few fun and loving wedding pictures, videos, and notes not getting saved for the long term. And trying to do all the collecting, reviewing, and uploading during the few days before and few days after your wedding is not helpful since those are obviously the days when you are focused on making those wonderful wedding memories and not focused on trying to collect and save them.
  • The second reason is that your wedding celebration actually starts at the moment of yes… or whatever may have been the answer to the proposal question (ours was a resounding, “absolutely”). Your wedding story is so much more than just the day of. It includes the emotional pictures and video taken during the proposal. It includes the magical moments of finding the right dress and suit/tux. It includes a wonderfully written wedding invitation. It includes the fun of the bachelor and bachelorette parties (at least the memories you want to remember). And, it includes so much more. All the wedding related memories created leading up to your big day are an important part of your wedding story and thus they should be there to relive so many years later, along with all the precious memories from the wedding day itself.

Yet, with a wedding scrapbook, or some type of memories box, or one of the limited other options currently available, very few of the memories created during the lead up to, and even the day of, are not getting saved for the long term. Many are forgotten because when only having a short amount of time to collect and store wedding related memories you tend to take only the most important and most available memories. This could be due to a lack of space or because most of the wedding memory work is done after the wedding when memories created early on in the process get overshadowed by the wonder and magic of the day itself.

We hope that you purchase your digital wedding time capsule early and upload as you go along but even if you don’t, make sure to take a little extra time to save memories of your entire wedding celebration. It will be worth it!

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