Wedding Guests Helping Save Wedding Memories

//Wedding Guests Helping Save Wedding Memories

Wedding Guests Helping Save Wedding Memories

When you get married, you will have all sorts of wedding memories to put away after your wedding day has come and gone.  Those wedding memories will include physical items like your wedding invitation, wedding day program, wine box (if you had one), etc.  Those wedding memories will also include the photos that your professional photographer took and the video’s that your professional videographer took (if you had one).  And just these wedding memories alone will make for an incredible experience when you relive them in the future.

However, there are ways to get more, and more genuine, captured wedding moments which you can add to your wedding memory collection.   And the way to get these additional meaningful, fun, and beautiful wedding memories is by asking your community (or you could have us ask them for you).   Even in years past, before everyone had a decent camera in their pocket, at least a few guests at the wedding would have a camera and those few guests would take at least some wedding pictures.  The wedding pictures they took were usually more focused on them and their family, yet, they could include some wonderful and personal pictures that the couple would want to add to their wedding memory collection.

Now, today, in addition to the few wedding guests who bring fancier cameras, almost everyone else has a decent camera in their pocket.  And, trust me when I say that they are not afraid to use them.  We have officiated for and celebrated with over 900 couples at their weddings and the number of pictures and videos we have seen being taken, just during the wedding ceremony alone, is enormous.   Of course, these wedding pictures and video are not always the best composition, or have the best sound, or sometimes even the best focus.  Yet, your friends and family will capture some of the most personal and meaningful wedding moments, and those moments will definitely make great wedding memories for you to experience in the future, even if they aren’t perfect.

So, how do you get them.  Well, this does take a bit of planning and some extra work.  Or, you can use a tool like the love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule to help (shameless plug but helping you in this way is one of the reasons we created the digital time capsule concept).  The key is to begin to ask your friends and family to assist you before your wedding day.   For example, if you have our wedding time capsule, the system will send your wedding guests (assuming you upload a list of them) an email letting them know that they should enjoy the wedding but if they happen to capture some wonderful wedding moments, they should upload them to the digital wedding time capsule (it then easily collects all those wedding memories into one place for you).  If you decide to do the collecting and saving work by yourself, we would definitely recommend an email beforehand.   It gets your wedding guests thinking about the request.

Then, within a couple days after your wedding, send out another email to your wedding guests.  You don’t want to make it hard for them to get the wedding memories they captured to you, yet, since they are your friends and family, they most likely will want to help you get the best future wedding memory experience.  Meaning, most of them will want to help and will make the effort to get you the wedding memories they captured.  We call it the gift of wedding memories because each time you “open” and look at your wedding memories, the experience will feel like opening a special wedding gift, even many years after your wedding.

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