Wedding Scrapbook or Wedding Time Capsule, or Both

//Wedding Scrapbook or Wedding Time Capsule, or Both

Wedding Scrapbook or Wedding Time Capsule, or Both

Are you thinking about doing something “more” with your wedding memories than just sticking them in box, a drawer, or having them on your computer?

Most likely if you are reading this post, your wedding hasn’t happened yet.  And based on that, I am guessing that you haven’t given too much thought about what to do with all the wedding pictures, documents, and other related items that you will want to relive and enjoy in the years to come.   I am also guessing that if you have thought about or discussed it, an old school wedding scrapbook either crossed your mind or was mentioned (probably by someone a bit older).

Wedding scrapbooks have been around for many, many years and are a good way to keep a few specifically chosen wedding memories for the future.  They are good in that they will only contain items that you selected, and they are usually easily accessible… something that can be looked at whenever the want or need arises.   However, a wedding scrapbook also has some downsides you should be aware of, two of the main ones which are discussed below.

1 – Wedding scrapbooks require you, the couple, to do most, if not all the work.   Everything that goes into the scrapbook needs to be collected, reviewed, and added by you.  This isn’t all bad since you get to enjoy the wedding memories as you put together the scrapbook.  It just comes down to having/making the time to create it, which can be tough since most of the work is usually done reasonable soon after the wedding, when busy normal life is back in play.

2 – Wedding scrapbooks are usually a physical item.  Which means that everything added needs to be a physical item… for example, pictures will need to be printed and no video.  Not as much an issue in the past but in today’s weddings, guests are capturing quite a few genuine and wonderful moments on their mobile devices.  Also, a physical scrapbook has a chance of being lost or destroyed over the years.  Again, this isn’t all bad since for some people, being able to physically “hold” the memories somehow make them more personal and special.

When creating the love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule, we didn’t want to just create a digital version of a wedding scrapbook.  Instead, we wanted something that was easy to use, safe for the long term, and didn’t require the couple to do all the work.  So, we created something that would be a wonderful experience when opened and was easier to use and more modern than any other option out there.  Your digital wedding time capsule can be full of wedding memories, many more then a wedding scrapbook, and it becomes a future gift of wedding love and laughter.  A gift, that when opened, has you reliving many wedding memories again and getting to enjoy some fun and wonderful surprises added by your community.

The wedding time capsule is a much more modern option, requiring less work, and ending up with many more memories to relive.  While, the wedding scrapbook contains memories you specifically chose and is something physical that you can hold.  The great thing is you don’t have to pick one or the other if you like the idea of both.  You can get a wedding time capsule as the future gift of many wedding memories and create a wedding scrapbook as a way to have a few specific wedding memories always at hand.   Or, you can get a wedding time capsule, which requires much less work before, during, and right after the wedding and then set the open date to your 1st anniversary.  This gives you the wonderful gift of wedding memories when it opens and then you can pick and choose from what is inside your time capsule and use those captured wedding moments to create a wedding scrapbook to have for years to come.

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