What is Your Wedding Story?

//What is Your Wedding Story?

What is Your Wedding Story?

A digital time capsule from love + laughter + community was created to make it easier for you and your spouse to get the opportunity to experience your wedding all over again.  It is a great option and was developed specifically to assist you in the process of collecting and saving your wedding memories.  This includes the wedding moments captured by you, and the moments captured by your community, the friends and family who could attend your wedding and even from those who couldn’t make it.

Yes, I know, that was a bit of a product description, and even a little product plug but there was a reason that lead us to create this digital wedding time capsule thing.  It wasn’t just to help a little by storing some of your captured day of wedding moments (you can do that yourself), instead it was to make it as easy as possible to collect and store all those moments that make up your wedding story.  Much more complete than the few items you happen to remember to throw in a box or add to a file folder on your hard drive.

And I know you might be thinking, I haven’t even had my wedding yet… how can I, and why should I, give much thought at the moment to saving my wedding memories?   Well, there are two reasons why you should do even more than start thinking about it now.

First reason – your wedding story began the minute yes, or something similar, is answered to the question of, “will you marry me?”. Your wedding story can include the video a friend took while the question was being “popped” and the pictures of the ring that were sent to family and friends, or uploaded to Instagram and Facebook.

Your wedding story can include the look captured on mom’s or a best friend’s face as you try on that perfect wedding dress.  They could include the printer file or a scanned copy of your well-crafted wedding invitation.  How about pictures and videos full of smiles and laughter from the bridal shower and the rehearsal dinner?   And of course, all the love and laughter moments that happen on the wedding day itself.

We know that your wedding is different than everyone else’s, and thus your wedding story is different.   And, how much and what parts of your wedding story you will want to relive also differs from other couples.   Yet, we can say without hesitation that you will want to experience at least some of your wedding in the years to come.  Maybe on special anniversaries.  Maybe when your kids are old enough and ask about what your wedding was like.  Or maybe, on a random day in the future, just because.

Remembering wedding memories are the reason people scrapbook, buy a wine box, have a guestbook, or do something similar to collect certain wedding memories.   And all those memories you have, and just as important, those moments you captured, make up your wedding story… something you will want to experience again and again.

Second Reason – the longer you wait to start collecting and the longer you wait to get friends and family participating, the less of your wedding memories you are likely to collect. Having celebrated with over 900 couples, we know that it usually goes like this… you start out in engaged bliss with what you consider is plenty of time to get everything done for your wedding.  You take your time, research intently, and make decisions as you get to them.

Then you realize there are quite a few things to do and the wedding day is creeping up on you.  Things start getting a bit crazy as the last details fall into place.  Now you made it to the week of your wedding… time to take care of final items and try to enjoy some time with friends and family who are celebrating your wedding day (or weekend), with you.  Finally, it’s here, your wedding day, and it is just as special as you planned… filled with more love and laughter than you can imagine.   After, the next few days after are enjoying wedded bliss and then it is off on a honeymoon or unfortunately, back to work.  And all of this is happening while the rest of daily life still has to go on.

This incredible amount of busy and focus is why we recommend collect your wedding memories as you go.  It is also why your love + laughter + community digital time capsule will be open from time of purchase until 30 days after your wedding.  Allows you to upload whenever convenient and gives you plenty of time to make sure that what you want in your time capsule, gets in there.

So, even if you don’t purchase a digital wedding time capsule, we highly recommend you think about what memories you know you will want to relive in the future and start capturing/collecting them as you do your pre-wedding thing.  You can also come up with a plan or maybe even just a list of wedding day moments you want to save so you make sure to collect those as soon as possible after your wedding.  And don’t be shy about asking your community for their help.  Most will be more than happy to participate knowing how important the gift of being able to relive your wedding story for years to come will be to you.

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