Why a Digital Time Capsule Should be Part of Your Wedding

//Why a Digital Time Capsule Should be Part of Your Wedding

Why a Digital Time Capsule Should be Part of Your Wedding

Your wedding memories will end up taking many forms including pictures, videos, personal notes, and physical items.  And you will find yourself enjoying your wedding memories in the future, at different times and in different ways.  You may re-read your wedding vows to each other on your anniversary, go through some of your favorite wedding pictures when you come across them on your computer, or enjoy some of the physical wedding items you saved when you clean out a drawer or move boxes in your closet.

Of course, I understand it is tough to think about your wedding memories, before your actual wedding has happened.  With the many other wedding related tasks on your plate, is it worth the time?  Yes, I can tell you it is worth it… giving your wedding memories at least a small amount of thought now, before your wedding, can lead to more, and more genuine, wedding memories to relive for years to come after your wedding.   For example, do you really expect that you are going to pull out your guest book in the future and read it?   If not or if not very often, why not look for a different option, or maybe have no guestbook at all.

Having celebrated with over 950 couples, we have seen many different options for saving specific wedding moments, and many different thoughts on the importance of certain wedding memories.  Which ones are important can differ slightly for each couple but there are definitely the more “standard” wedding memories such as pictures of you coming down the aisle, or the first kiss.  These are memories that are usually kept more accessible such as on your computer, phone, or framed and sitting on a shelf or table.     Then there are also wedding memories that are relived on specific occasions.  For example, we wrote love letters to each other in the week leading up to our wedding and we read them to each other on every wedding anniversary.

In all of our wedding experience, what we didn’t see was a modern and easy way for a couple to give themselves the gift of the most meaningful wedding memories.  A way that combines, into one digital location, the special wedding memories that the couple wants to relive along with the option for the couple’s community to directly upload fun and loving surprises, including personal messages.  Thus, the reason we created the digital wedding time capsule.  If you are a couple who wants to upload a specific set of your favorite wedding pictures and videos to a safe and secure spot, a digital wedding time capsule is for you.  If you are a couple who wants the future gift of reliving sweet and fun pictures, videos, and messages from your community, a digital wedding time capsule is for you.

The time capsule is not meant to store all your wedding memories, because, let’s be honest, there are only certain wedding moments that you will want to make sure you relive on a special day in the future.  Your wedding memories should be a gift when opened.  A gift that is wrapped after the wedding, stored safely and securely for many years, and then opened and enjoyed on a special date of your choosing.   To learn more, check out the love + laughter + community digital wedding time capsule here.

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