Why Get a Digital Wedding Time Capsule?

//Why Get a Digital Wedding Time Capsule?

Why Get a Digital Wedding Time Capsule?

For those planning their wedding, most of the focus is on creating a wedding that fits them and is a great experience for their guests.  Which I completely understand since even though I got married 12 years ago, I made sure the important pieces of my wedding were done the way I wanted and things that weren’t that important to me and fun for my friends and family, didn’t get as much attention or money.   Oh, there is that word… money.  Couples researching and planning their weddings know that wedding budgets have grown, and the actual costs, which usually end up being more than what was budgeted, have also grown.

This is why I totally agree with couples allocating their budget in such a way as to produce the most amazing wedding experience for them and their community.  Being part of over 900 weddings, the thing that I found is that in all the focus to plan and pay for a “uniquely you wedding”, very little thought was put into saving the wedding experience longer term so the love and laughter of it can be relived again and again.  And don’t get me wrong, I understand that going through wedding memories years after the big day is not the same, and to be honest, it shouldn’t be.  Your wedding day is supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Yet, in talking to many married couples, the wedding memories they have are really special to them.  And, most of the couples I spoke with say they wish they had more of them.   Which leads us to the year 2018 when I realized that with all the mobile phones, tablets, and digital cameras that I have seen during the over 10 years of weddings I have officiated, there must be a huge number of genuine and personal wedding memories being captured at each wedding.  And not just memories from the day itself, but special moments from the entire wedding story.  Pictures and videos from the proposal, the dress shopping, the dessert tasting, the wedding show with friends, and so many other moments.

The problem was that although a large number of meaningful wedding memories are being captured, it turns out to be overwhelming and there really did not seem to be a simple option out there for collecting the most beautiful and meaningful ones into one place and then storing them safely for the ages.  Yes, a couple could try to DIY it but with how busy wedding planning can be when mixed with normal life and how quickly a honeymoon or getting back to work happens after the wedding, the couple has to dedicate hours that usually aren’t available to the requesting, collecting, and storing of those wedding memories.

Also noticed that the wedding story moments that were captured, and some of the other important wedding memories, were not usually found or kept in the same place.  Many couples are still doing old school wedding scrapbooks or even just a box full of stuff like a copy of the invitation, a copy of the wedding program, personal written notes, etc.   While pics from the photographer were going on to a personal hard drive and pics and video taken by friends and family are split between different social media and being sent to the couple at some point.   This dis-jointed way of doing things, even if the couple finds the time, leads to the potential of a certain amount of the wedding memories being lost or destroyed over the years.  That box or scrapbook in a closet gets lost in a move.  A picture sharing service starts charging for storage or even goes out of business.  And of course, any social media platform could go the way of Myspace.

This is why I created love + laughter + community.  I figured that collecting and saving a bunch of different types of captured wedding moments, all to one place, should be a lot easier than it was.   I also figured that if the couple’s community is given the same easy ability to upload as the couple, they are more likely to add the wedding memories they captured which leads to the couple getting a more complete view of their wedding and many more genuine and special moments.  Crowdsource the wedding memories and there will be much more to relive in the years to come.

The love + laughter + community wedding time capsule was developed to be of major benefit to couples in two ways.  The first is as a gathering and reminder tool.  The way it is designed, it is easy to upload from any device that is connected to the internet through a webpage (no App is required).  Upload wedding pictures, videos, and documents, from a phone, tablet, or computer using a single code, with everything that is uploaded going to one place.  The system will also send out automatic email reminders to the couple and to their guests (if the couple uploads or enters a list of family and friends).  Second, as a great wedding gift that the couple can give themselves or someone can buy it for them.  All the love, laughter and community uploaded to the digital wedding time capsule is safely stored until a day of the couples choosing.  And on that day, the couple gets the incredible gift of reliving so many of their memorable wedding moments.

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