Wondering What Wedding Moments to Save?

//Wondering What Wedding Moments to Save?

Wondering What Wedding Moments to Save?

We are often asked by couples, “what wedding memories should I think of saving in my wedding time capsule or wedding scrapbook?”, or something similar. To be honest, there really is no definitive answer, or list, since each couple places more importance on different parts of their wedding and thus more importance on certain wedding memories. However, we figured it would be helpful to do a blog post with some guidelines, you could even call it a wedding memories checklist, to give you ideas on what most couples try to save before and after their wedding.

Before we get to the wedding memories checklist, 2 things I wanted to mention:

1) Your wedding story is more than just your wedding day. Your wedding story begins at your proposal and ends after your honeymoon. And although most of the captured wedding moments you will collect and save will come from your wedding day, the list does include some of moments you might want to save that come from other parts of your wedding story.

2) Of course, you will have video and/or pictures from the professionals you hire to capture your wedding day. But remember – a) they only cover some of your wedding day (not the entire big day and not the other parts of your wedding story) and b) you will also have a large number of genuine and personal moments captured by friends and family on their mobile devices. And although I know from having seen pictures from many, many weddings that your community will capture a lot of blurry shots or bad angles, they will also capture much of the love and laughter that takes place throughout your entire wedding story. We find that by combining the wedding memories captured by the photographer and videographer, and the memories captured by friends and family, you will end up with so many beautiful and genuine wedding memories to relive for years to come.

So, let us begin and remember, no particular order and just a guide.

Wedding Documents/Physical Items:

  • A copy of your wedding invitation
  • A copy of your wedding program
  • Personal notes sent back from those who weren’t able to attend
  • Love Letters to each other – this is something we as officiants definitely recommend… you and your spouse write love letters to each other a day or two before your wedding.
  • Your wedding guestbook
  • A handfasting cord or any other special item you may have used in your wedding ceremony
  • One of your giveaway items (if something specific to your wedding and not perishable)

Wedding Story Pictures and/or video from, or of:

  • The proposal
  • Dress and suit/tux shopping
  • Having fun with family and/or friends at a wedding show
  • Engagement shoot – these will come from the photographer taking them.
  • The bachelorette party (keep it clean?)
  • The bachelor party (keep it clean?)
  • The rehearsal dinner
  • Getting ready on the day of (of course, both the guys and girls)
  • First dance (if you are doing one)
  • Mom/Son and Father/Daughter dance (if you are doing one)
  • Ceremony – doesn’t have to be the whole thing but definitely vows, pronouncement, and kiss
  • Wedding toasts/speeches (the good, the bad, and the potentially ugly)
  • Dance floor fun
  • Other fun areas of your wedding (a game area, kid’s area, smoke cigars area, etc.)
  • Grand entrance (if you are doing one)
  • First look (if you are doing one). Although these pictures and video will most likely come from the wedding pros you hired, great if there are also a few from any friends or family who you allowed to watch
  • Detail shots – your arch, your cake, your guest book table. These will most likely come from the wedding pros you hired but you never know if there might be a cool or perfect shot from family and friends
  • In addition to the more standard ones listed above, you can also create some wedding moments that would be special to you and make sure those you trust capture them. For example, video interview of your parents and grandparents, candid pictures of nieces and nephews, or quick videos of your bridal party describing you as a couple in x number of words. You have all these people who are so special to you at your wedding, don’t waste the opportunity by not creating at least a few genuine and meaningful wedding memories.

Not all of these will apply to you and you may think of others. The idea is that just as much as your wedding should reflect who you are as a couple, your saved wedding memories should reflect those moments and the feeling of the day.

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