Your Wedding Memories – Tips for Safe and Secure Storage

//Your Wedding Memories – Tips for Safe and Secure Storage

Your Wedding Memories – Tips for Safe and Secure Storage

Independent of how many, or which type of, wedding memories you decide to save from your wedding, the key is to make sure that you store them safely and securely.  And to do it as soon as possible after your wedding.

So, let’s start with some don’ts.

Don’t just put your physical wedding memory items in a drawer or plain old box.  We have heard way too many sad stories of rooms that were flooded or boxes that were misplaced.

Don’t put the pictures and videos you took, and the pictures your photographer sent, only on your personal computer.  Even if you have a back-up program, your precious once-in-a-lifetime wedding memories shouldn’t be lost because of a hard-drive that crashes or a back-up program that stops backing up.

Don’t expect that your photographer and videographer will keep copies of what they took.   We have talked to quite a few professionals who were contacted years after a wedding only to have to tell the couple that they were out of luck.  Most wedding professionals will keep a back-up for a reasonable amount of time, but they can’t be expected to keep them forever.

Don’t assume that the wedding pictures and videos that are shared on social media will always be there.  Although you have accounts and access today, you don’t own our social media accounts, or anything in them, so there is no guarantee what you will have access in the years to come.  Would hate to be searching for you wedding memories in 5 years only to find out that they were only kept for a certain period of time or they were linked to people who no longer have an account.

So, what are some do’s when it comes to safely and securely storing your wedding memories?  

Do keep as much in one place as possible.  What we mean by this is to not have some pictures on your personal computer, some pictures on your phone, and some pictures on a shared drive.   Try to collect all the wedding memories that you want to save digitally and put them together in a safe and secure place.  Same goes for the physical wedding memory items.

Do use something secure, even if it might cost a few bucks.  For the physical wedding memories you want to keep, put them in a waterproof and fireproof container if possible.  It could mean the difference between having, or losing, your precious wedding memories.   For the digital items, you could use our digital wedding time capsule or a cloud-based storage option.  Just make sure that whichever option you choose, there are consistent back ups and no worry of your account being closed.

Do create back-ups of your wedding memories.  We would recommend you do this in four steps.  1)  Take some decent pictures of all the physical wedding memory items.  2) Add those pictures to the other wedding pictures, videos, and documents you are keeping and create a single folder with everything in it.  3) Make a copy of that folder.  And 4) put both folders in different locations, both someplace safe and secure.

Yes, all this does require a bit of time, planning, and follow-through but if you think you will enjoy reliving and sharing your wedding memories in the future, it is so worth it!

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