Your Wedding Story Moments and Memories

//Your Wedding Story Moments and Memories

Your Wedding Story Moments and Memories

There is your wedding day and then there is your wedding story.  So, what is your wedding story?   Well, the way we look at it, your wedding story starts the minute you say yes (or absolutely, or oh my god, or something similar) and ends after your wedding day is over.  And although some chapters of your wedding story will include the not so much fun act of wedding planning, there will be many beautiful and fun wedding moments that take place between your engagement and your wedding day.   I mention this because some of these moments will be just as meaningful and special as some of the moments on your wedding day.

As in the past, if you want to save wedding story moments and memories, it is best to save them as your wedding story progresses.  Trying to go back and find, and then save, all those personal and special moments of love and laughter will be a pain if you try to do it all after your wedding.  Especially if you have an average or longer than average engagement because some of those wedding related moments will have happened months and months earlier.  The advantage of the modern world is that almost everyone has a reasonable quality digital camera/video camera in their pocket.  And with someone always having a camera, many of these wedding related moments will be captured without much pre-planning, and sometimes even captured in multiple ways and from multiple angles.  These captured moments should be collected and temporarily stored as soon as possible after they happen, and a great option to make that easier is to use a digital wedding time capsule.  Once your wedding day is over, you can then much more easily store these wedding memories alongside the many wonderful memories captured on your wedding day.

These wedding story moments can happen at any time.  The emotion from mothers, grandmothers, friends, or all of the above, during dress shopping could include everything from tears to cheering to laughter.  I have also seen groups of friends and family having a great time with the couple at wedding shows as they select the perfect people to rock their wedding day.   Then there are the moments at the rehearsal dinner.  These make up some of the most genuine memories since this dinner usually includes your closest friends and family and it is usually much more laid back in feel and tone than your wedding day.   Of course, there also is the bridal shower/bachelor party, venue visits, food tasting, invitation creation, and others.  All can create wedding story memories that you will want to save.

Even though many of these wedding related moments will, and should, be overshadowed by the moments of your wedding day, the importance of certain wedding story memories should be remembered.  I know normal life is busy without adding in wedding planning and once you add that into your daily life, things get crazy but with options like a digital wedding time capsule, it will only take a little bit of extra time to do it right.  And I can guarantee that when you open your time capsule on that future special day of your choosing, the bit of extra time you put into saving your wedding story memories will be so worth it!

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