Your Why for Saving Wedding Memories Long-term

//Your Why for Saving Wedding Memories Long-term

Your Why for Saving Wedding Memories Long-term

Your wedding may be a large, formal affair or a casual laid back get together… or more likely, somewhere in between. Independent of size or style, independent of what your wedding is going to look or feel like, it will be a wonderful and special day. One of the most memorable days of your life with many, many once-in-a-lifetime moments. So, what about saving those precious wedding moments and memories?

Maybe you are thinking that you will make it easy and just save the wedding pictures from your photographer and a few things that were shared on social media by your friends and family. Or, maybe you are figuring that you will take some time after your wedding, when you can breathe again, to collect some specific wedding memories into a drawer or onto a shared drive. Or, maybe you are thinking that you are just going to enjoy your wedding and whatever happens to end up being saved in regards to memories will be fine by you.

Or maybe, you don’t even know yet. For one, you are probably super busy between normal life and wedding planning. Who has time to think about collecting and storing their wedding memories, before their wedding has even happened? Then, there could be the thinking that says, “why do I really need to worry about collecting and saving more than the wedding memories delivered to me by my photographer… my wedding will be an incredible day and the experience of it is what is important to me.

I can relate. I didn’t think that wedding memories from my wedding would be that important and to be honest, most of them aren’t. However, this is where us having the wisdom of age, and years of experience with couples just like you, can help to you. To be honest, we have found that pictures of the cake or the place settings, or a copy of the invitation, are not going to be important to most people 5 or 10 years down the road. I am not picking on you if they are going to be important wedding memories for you… just relating what we have seen. What probably will be important are wedding memories that are not only based on the emotion of the day but on the fact that your closet friends and family, your community, will be there celebrating with you.

It is those once-in-a-lifetime moments… the ones filled with your love and laughter, and your communities love and laughter, that will be worth saving. We got married over 10 years ago and although I have looked at our wedding invitation a few times over the years (we created it in Dr. Seuss rhyme), it wouldn’t be a great loss if I didn’t have a copy. What would be a loss and what we really love looking at for example, are the pictures of the grandmas. Two of our grandmas were there celebrating our wedding with us and both those grandmas are no longer alive. Just a single example but seeing their emotion and reliving our wedding through the fun and wonder of our friends and family makes it is so worth the time taken to collect and save those specific wedding memories.

It is those moments you should think about saving. And since almost all your friends and family have a decent quality camera and video recorder with them at your wedding, they can help you. The wedding memories you will want to relive are those very personal ones of you and your community. Once-in-a-lifetime moments with some of the most important people in your life. Trust us, those are wedding memories worth saving!!!

Of course, if you are looking for a way to give yourself the gift of those special memories, without a lot of work, check out this new and modern digital wedding time capsule.

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